Germán Estrada


Gene Stowe | October 2, 2019 

Little did Germán Estrada of Lima, Peru, know when he chose ESTEEM over an MBA program that he was setting a whole new course for his life. Estrada, who had worked for nearly a decade after college in high-level corporate finance in Peru, first for the giant Spanish bank BBVA and then for PwC, returned home in March 2018, nearly a year after he graduated from ESTEEM and now runs the startup 90pct whose app Tínku helps microbusinesses and informal companies navigate the world of finance. 

“I thought maybe I should try something different, something that would advance my profile, that gets me the opportunity to have a different view and a second career path after graduation,” recalls Estrada, the only member of his class without a science or engineering background. “I was always very interested in technology. I was very interested in understanding how the mind of an entrepreneur works.”

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