Gridiron Gadgets

Andy Fuller | June 2017

Robot Football

It had been years since the accident. In a box of mementos of his son, Brian, Bill Hederman came across a sketchbook that curiously he didn’t recall thumbing through before now. Brian was an avid sketch artist and had a real knack for it. The hobby yielded volumes of sketchbooks and as the elder Hederman thumbed through this edition, a particular drawing caught his eye.

Brian died in an automobile accident in July 1995, while home for summer break between his freshman and sophomore years at Notre Dame. In just one year at the University, he left an indelible imprint. A memorial scholarship was established, given annually to a student who exemplifies Brian’s character as described in a poem written by one of his friends. Outside Morrissey Hall, his residence hall while at Notre Dame, a tree was planted in his honor.

Yet as his father observed this drawing, there was a spark for a new, dynamic memorial to Brian.

“The drawing was a humanoid robot playing football. A quarterback,” recalls Bill Hederman.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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