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April 2011 Harper Hall Exterior

Sofia Madden | September 8, 2017

Since its formation in 2011, the Mike and Josie Harper Cancer Research Institute has been integrative and collaborative in its founding principles. Originally presented as an intentional partnership between the University and the Indiana School of Medicine – South Bend according to the Institutes’s website, the Institute has encouraged the fusion of differences in subject, education and background in order to create new and effective tools to fight against cancer.

“Many Indiana School of Medicine – South Bend medical students have cancer research labs and request that Notre Dame post-doctorates and undergraduates actually perform the research,” Angela Cavalieri, the Institute’s external relations and special events program coordinator, said.

Scientists from across disciplines — including biologists, engineers, mathematicians and psychologists — gather together at Harper in order to solve complex problems surrounding cancer investigation, Stewart Bullock, associate director of the Institute, said. He said the Institute prides itself on utilizing the combined knowledge of interconnected subject areas as it drives forward in innovation.

“Here, we have biologists researching alongside engineers,” Bullock said.

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