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Josh Stowe | July 24, 2018 

The stakes are high for the chronic wound patients that Joseph Ebberwein ’86 serves.

Some have diabetic foot ulcers, which, if not treated properly, can require amputation. Others are bedridden and have developed sores. Still others have wounds as a result of vascular conditions, or must use ostomy bags to divert bodily waste following surgery.

For these patients, a timely and effective treatment can greatly increase their quality of life—or even save it. And Ebberwein is passionate about helping them.

That’s why he and his business partner, Katherine Piette, both longtime veterans of the healthcare industry, co-founded Corstrata three years ago. The Savannah, Ga. company connects patients and their healthcare providers with board-certified wound management experts who use technology to remotely assess wounds and recommend evidence-based treatments.

“One of the things we knew from our previous experience was what a pain point wound care management is in the healthcare system,” Ebberwein says. “There is a shortage of wound care clinicians—only one in 500 nurses are board-certified in wound care, and there’s only one wound care nurse for every 900 wound patients. So there’s a huge issue around access to care, which really drives a lot of the problems.”

Corstrata helps treat a diversity of patients in a variety of settings—everything from home health care to nursing homes and hospice care. Some patients, with proper treatment, can work productively for years to come. Others are looking to live out their final years in comfort and dignity.

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