Her Quest to Win It All

Tim Rohan | Mar. 3, 2013 | Notre Dame Athletics

Skylar Diggins for the New York Times / photo by  Marissa McClain

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The beat dropped, a local legend grabbed the microphone, and the crowd went wild. Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now” thumped through the room, and the D.J. shouted, “Do y’all want to hear some serious flow?”

Everyone turned to Skylar Diggins. She was excited. She loved the stage, and this was no easy rap she was going to do. It was Busta Rhymes’s fast, tongue-twisting verse, including the line “You ain’t never going to stop me.”

Diggins kept up. And when she was done, she dropped the microphone and walked offstage, the crowd still jamming.

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