Hockey Will Play at Soldier Field

Paul Gaul (6) skates in the opening Hockey game in the Compton Family Ice ArenaIrish icer Paul Gaul (6) is super stoked about hockey in Soldier Field. Notre Dame is also in talks to play Michigan in the "Rebel Base Rally" on planet Hoth.  Copyright University of Notre Dame / Photo by Matt Cashore.

Notre Dame's hockey team will play at Chicago's Soldier Field this February, the Chicago Tribune reported Tuesday.

In what will surely become an epic battle for bragging rights in Lincoln Park sports bars, four teams will face off in the "Hockey City Classic."  Notre Dame will take on the Miami University RedHawks, while Minnesota will play Wisconsin.  Cheese curds will be served and pea coats will be worn.

The Hockey City Classic is the brainchild of Intersport, a Chicago-based sports and enterainment marketing firm.  This will be the first time Soldier Field has hosted ice hockey.  It will definitely not be the first time Soldier Field has hosted ice.

A news conference with more details will begin Wednesday at 2 p.m. Central Time.  Notre Dame senior defenseman Sam Calabrese, a native of Park Ridge, Illinois, will be speaking alongside representatives from Wisconsin, Miami and Soldier Field.

We'll keep you posted as we learn more details.  (But we're pretty sure about the cheese curds).

Read more about the Hockey City Classic at the Chicago Tribune.

UPDATE: Officials have announced the details for Notre Dame's game in the Hockey City Classic. The Irish will play on Sunday, February 17.

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 by Michael Rodio

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