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John Rudolf | Summer 2013 | Notre Dame Magazine

Anna Walther '08MA

It’s my last day in Guatemala City, and I’m running late for a final meeting with Anna Walther ’08M.A., a staff attorney in the human rights office of the Archbishopric of Guatemala. Walther and I are the same age, 33, and I’ve been in town for a few weeks learning about the work she and other rights workers are doing on behalf of the mentally ill and disabled in this choked metropolis. 

On my trip I’ve seen up-close the decrepit and dangerous mental institution they are trying to reform and have witnessed the misery of the patients there. It’s a low-paid, gritty endeavor made all the more dicey by the grind of living in one of the world’s most crime-ridden cities. Not exactly the typical gig for a recent law school grad. Her contemporaries are mostly climbing the corporate ladder, buying condos and starter homes, leading conventional lives. Instead, she’s here.

Who signs up for this?

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