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Gwen O'Brien | September 5, 2018

Mary Adeniyi is a Learning and Organizational Development consultant in Human Resources. It’s her job to come up with workshop topics (and speakers) that inspire employees to maximize their potential. The courses and series offer training on anything from capitalizing on personal talents to positive conflict resolution to appreciating generational differences to
managing people. 

“I love being a consultant, especially on interpersonal and organizational development topics, and I love teaching. My role right now is a good hybrid of those two areas.”

Her CV reads like a road map to her current position. 

“My undergrad is in psychology, my master’s is in human resource management and my doctorate is in human and organizational learning,” Mary shares. “I have purposefully pursued roles that were in line with my education and career interests.”

She quips that she took career counseling in high school very seriously, but it’s no joke.

“I researched different kinds of careers that would be an amalgamation of my interests, which even then was the intersection of psychology, business and teaching. Rather than choosing one of those areas in isolation, I chose all three.”

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