Joe Kapitan '87 | August 13, 2014 | Notre Dame Magazine

We spent 148 days outside Abu Dhabi, waiting for the Gulf War to begin. During that period of restless non-conflict, all the casualties in our deployed unit would eventually be traced back to letters written stateside and delivered to us in innocent-looking canvas sacks excreted out the rear cargo doors of the dusty C-130’s shuttling to and from Riyadh. Every one of the letters that filled those sacks was a dull blade with one of our names on it, and yet we waited like idiots for those planes to land. We waited.

In the 1981 sci-fi/western Outland, Sean Connery plays the marshal of a space outpost who runs afoul of the corporate drug ring operating on his territory. Poor Sean waits as the next shuttle from earth approaches, watching the countdown to arrival, knowing his assassin is on board. Sean has the benefit of knowing exactly what is coming for him, though. We never did.

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