Innovative Female-Only Workshop

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Ashley Rowland | January 11, 2020 

Nearly two dozen female scholars who study violence gathered last month at a workshop at the University of Notre Dame to talk about the challenges they face—both in terms of conducting research in often-dangerous situations, and in getting recognition and funding for their work in the male-dominated world of academia.

“New Research by Women Studying Violence,” held in December 2019, was funded by the Keough School’s Kellogg Institute for International Studies. The workshop was the second in what organizers expect will be a continuing series on the topic.

Lucía Tiscornia, a Notre Dame alumna who is now an assistant professor in international studies at Centro de Investgación y Docencia Económicas, organized the first Women Studying Violence workshop in 2018 in response to concerns female colleagues had shared about risks in the field and potential roadblocks in their careers.

“Women scholars face specific challenges as they advance through their careers, and the visibility and impact of female-led research is lower,” she said.

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