James Hentig


Naya Tadavarthy | November 18, 2019 

James Hentig joined the U.S. Army at 17, never even expecting to attend college, but a traumatic brain injury (TBI) the fourth-year doctoral student sustained in 2010 as an Airborne Medic in Afghanistan now informs his quest to help others suffering from similar conditions. 

“Honestly, I joined the Army because I was scared to go to college,” Hentig said. “Life changed very quickly - I had no intention of going to school. But through the GI Bill they pay not just for your schooling but as well as a stipend for you to live on.” At first, he saw higher education as “an easy way to make a living for a little bit.” 

But in his first year at the Western Michigan University, Hentig discovered his passion for science, and his interest never waned. Now, he is receiving national recognition for his research on the brain.

Hentig recently presented his work on the long-term progression of TBIs on zebrafish and their subsequent cell regeneration at the Society for Neuroscience’s (SfN) annual conference, a meeting of 35,000 professionals in various fields to present and discuss neuroscience research. 

The society chose Hentig as one of 15 students to participate in the inaugural class of the society’s Leadership Development Program (LDP), which will provide “high-quality leadership training talented early-career neuroscientists,” according to SfN President Diane Lipscombe. 

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