Jennifer Warlick


Sam Kille | August 21, 2019

The Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty (SHECP) recently presented its third annual Harlan R. Beckley Award to Dr. Jennifer Warlick, University of Notre Dame, for her exceptional leadership and advocacy in the field of poverty studies as a member of the consortium.

Warlick, an associate professor of public policy and economics, and director of Notre Dame's poverty studies interdisciplinary minor, has served as a beacon of light for students pursuing an education in poverty studies.

"I began to study poverty in 1972, and a line graph of the policy changes since that time resembles a rollercoaster, I'm afraid, with more dips than peaks," said Warlick in her acceptance speech. "It's hard to feel that one has or does make a difference in the fight to alleviate the struggles of people experiencing poverty. Thus, this award is simultaneously gratifying but also mystifying for me. An optimist by nature, I try my best to focus on the portion of the glass that is half full."

Named in honor of SHECP's founding director, the award was announced during the Frueauff Closing Conference at Marymount University, which brought together SHECP interns, faculty and supporters from more than two dozen colleges and universities.

"I see the future in you, and I have confidence that you will carry the faith of optimism to the realization of concrete goals that make this world a better place for everyone" Warlick said to the interns. "It has been my great privilege to be a member of the SHECP community."

Since 2008, 258 students have graduated as poverty studies minors at Notre Dame. As the academic and internship director of SHECP at Notre Dame, Warlick has guided 26 Notre Dame students through SHECP internships since 2012. 

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