Jessica Binzoni 15 J.D.

Jessica Binzoni

Denise Wager | January 27, 2021

Jessica Binzoni came to Notre Dame Law School knowing that her calling was to work with refugees, especially those displaced by international conflicts. Her path after law school—including two years as a Thomas L. Shaffer Public Interest Fellow—led her to northern Iraq where she serves displaced Iraqi and Syrian refugees through the nonprofit organization she founded, HOPE + FUTURE.

Notre Dame Law School’s Loan Repayment Assistance Program has played an integral role in enabling Binzoni to pursue her current career path, and has had a direct impact on those she serves.

“Without LRAP I could not have even considered, let alone chosen this path.  The financial burden of student loans would have completely eliminated that choice for me,” she says. “Instead of being forced to postpone my dream job for 10 years after graduation (when I finished paying off my loans) I was able to work with displaced people directly after graduation and every year since.”

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