Jesus' Distressing Disguise

Father Joseph Corpora | August 22, 2019

Sometime in the fall of 2018, I met with my religious superior at Notre Dame to request a one-semester sabbatical. After 35 years in the priesthood, I told him, I really needed some time to renew and deepen my relationship with Jesus. My only goal for my sabbatical was to become a better person and a better priest. He graciously agreed to my request.


I am a person who learns much more by doing than by studying. That means that I was not interested in any kind of priest-renewal sabbatical program. One such program at the North American College in Rome seemed compelling, but I quickly realized that the thought of eating pasta twice a day and gelato every evening was the main draw there — and probably not a good enough reason to sign up.


So I set out to put my own sabbatical program together. I wanted it to be a combination of different opportunities, beginning with two weeks spent with my aging father. My dad will turn 90 in December, God willing, and I had not spent this much time with him since I entered Holy Cross in 1977.


Though I did not know it when I made the plan, spending two weeks with my dad has been a great way to begin my sabbatical.  I have learned so much in these 14 days.

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