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Denise Wager | May 13, 2019

Notre Dame Law School’s Program on Church, State & Society has received a generous gift to endow a new lecture and conference series. The benefactors, who wish to remain anonymous, have named the series the Rice-Hasson Distinguished Lecture Series in honor of the late Notre Dame Law Professor Charles E. Rice and of Kevin J. “Seamus” Hasson '79, '82 M.A., '85 J.D., '12 Doctor of Laws (h.c.), and his wife, Mary Rice Hasson '82, '85 J.D. 

The Rice-Hasson Distinguished Lecture Series will serve as a flagship annual event and celebration of the Program on Church, State & Society. It will reflect and advance the mission of the program, the Law School, and the University by bringing accomplished and influential scholars and jurists to Notre Dame to engage students, faculty, and the entire Notre Dame community. 

“The Program on Church, State & Society promotes student formation and education, scholarly engagement, and public conversation on cutting-edge and timeless questions about the role of religious communities and institutions in the public square and about the legal and other relationships between political and religious authorities,” said Richard W. Garnett, the Program’s founding director. “The Law School is honored by, and grateful for, the benefaction that has made the Rice-Hasson Distinguished Lecture Series possible.” 

In order to achieve its special goal of inviting undergraduate students into the scholarly and public debates about the law of religious freedom, the program will cooperate with an array of other units, centers, institutes, and programs at the University. The inaugural lecture will take place in spring 2020.

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