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Charlotte Edmonds | October 30, 2017

Immigrant youths may be better informed of their legal rights in the near future thanks to the work of a group of Notre Dame Law students.

Impowerus — which was founded in September of 2016 by Katelyn Ringrose, a second-year law student — is an organization that connects immigrant youth to pro bono legal aid and has continued to compete in various innovation competitions in the South Bend community.

Ringrose said she first experienced the magnitude of the issue of information disparity as an employee of the Washington state public school district specializing in refugee students. She said she realized how many students had the technology but lacked the guidance to utilize their phone as a resource.

“Impowerus is about utilizing already-established resources and better educating clients on their legal rights,” Ringrose said.

The difference in legal outcome for youths facing deportation who have received some degree of legal advice compared to those who haven’t is staggering, Ringrose said.

Veronica Canton, a third-year law student and member of the Impowerus team, said Impowerus allows immigrants to learn about their rights in a comfortable setting.

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