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Joanna Byrne | December 30, 2018 

Armando Sanchez participated in the London Undergraduate Program and the London Internship Program this semester. Sanchez is an AnBryce Scholar and is grateful for the opportunities education has afforded him. He writes about his time in London, how it gave him a more global perspective, and how his internship allowed him to inspire future generations to pursue education.

Education has always served as an escape for me. The classroom was the place where I knew I was in control. In my youth, I didn’t know where education would take me, but I knew college was my answer and I was going to do whatever it took to reach that goal.

With hard work and the help of supportive educators, I was blessed enough to become a student at the University of Notre Dame. When I first stepped on campus, I was not aware Notre Dame had a study abroad program, or that international programs even existed. I had just moved 2,000 miles from California and the last thing on my mind was traveling any further.

I left the country for the first time the spring semester of my first year. I visited London through a study abroad immersion experience provided by my scholarship program, AnBryce. As many say, my first international experience gave me the travel bug. Before I knew it, I was headed back ‘across the pond’ for a semester abroad in London.

My experience abroad fortified my understanding of the importance of education. I would not have been able to study and live in an international city if it were not for pursuing a post-secondary degree. It would not have been possible without Notre Dame.

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