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Selena Ponio ’18 | February 9, 2021

I sat at my corner desk in my New York City apartment preparing myself for another day in the virtual office. A corner desk, thought to be a trendy and unique interior design choice, was merely a practicality — in New York, four corners was a luxury, and minimalism was not a style choice, but a necessity.

I pulled up my “fun” email before my work email; a miniature act of self-care before the flurry of tasks and deadlines that would saturate my day. A New York Times newsletter of fun weekday dishes, an invite to my cousin’s virtual baby shower, a request from the Class of 2018 officers to submit life updates.

It had been three (yes, three) years since we graduated. Did we have anything we’d like to share? The email offered a parenthetical list of potential topics: “(e.g. engagements/weddings/birth of a child/graduations, etc.)”


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 by Daily Domer Staff

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