London Gateway Acquires Chesterton Library


Amanda Skofstad | May 31, 2019

The University of Notre Dame (USA) in England has entered into an agreement to acquire the G.K. Chesterton Library, which includes books, personal effects, art and other items related to the life of this renowned 20th-century English Catholic writer, orator, apologist and provocateur. The full holdings — housed at the Oxford Oratory since 2013 — will be transferred to Notre Dame’s London Global Gateway on Trafalgar Square, providing increased access to researchers and Chesterton enthusiasts. 

In addition to being a scholarly resource, the library will also have a public access exhibit for Chesterton fans visiting London.

Chesterton, a prominent Catholic convert, is perhaps best known for his novel “The Man Who Was Thursday,” the Father Brown mystery series and his short stories, poems and essays. His defense of Christianity, “The Everlasting Man,” was influential in C.S. Lewis’ conversion to Christianity.

Chesterton Archive. Photo by John Cairns.Aidan Mackey. Photo by John Cairns.
The library was independently compiled by Aidan Mackey, one of the foremost Chesterton experts and among the only surviving individuals with connections to Chesterton’s family circle. Mackey discovered Chesterton as a teenager when his older brother suggested he increase the caliber of his reading selections and handed him a copy of “The Man Who Was Thursday.”

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