Mariel Zagunis: A Lasting Legacy

Maryann Hudson | Feb. 20, 2013 |

Mariel Zagunis signed picture

Both of Gus Welsh’s jobs are at night. So one night, when he was not the least happy about cleaning toilets at Notre Dame and wondering where his life had gone — is going — he went into the old fencing gym to clean. Notre Dame now has a beautiful, new fencing facility, but this was the old one, hidden from the rest of the complex up a back flight of stairs and down a corridor with pipes sticking out of the wall, then through the mechanical room.

“There is a picture of her in the fencing department and another picture in a glass case showing her carrying the (U.S.) flag at the Olympics,” Welsh said. “But here was Mariel, back then when she went to Notre Dame, working every day in this dungeon, not in the spotlight. Looking to be the best. That’s what struck me. We can give it our all, whether it’s cleaning a toilet or practicing for the Olympics. We need to do our absolute best everyday whether anyone sees it or not.”

So Welsh read up on Zagunis. And then he sent an email to her website. After introducing himself, Welsh told her how much she had inspired him.





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