Mariel Zagunis: Olympic Leader

Mariel Zagunis waves the American flag during the 2008 Olympics

Former Irish fencer and three-time Olympic medalist Mariel Zagunis is having a big week.

On Wednesday, her fellow Olympians elected her the flagbearer for Team USA at the opening Olympic ceremony in London.  Media have been calling the honor a celebration of Title IX (which recently completed its 40th anniversary) and lesser-known but equally thrilling Olympic sports.

Then, on the very same day, Zagunis made a special appearance on NBC's Today Show to teach Al Roker a few things about fencing.  It looks like Al should stick to newscasting, but then again, Mariel Zagunis is really really good.

Make sure to tune in to NBC's coverage of the opening Olympic ceremonies Friday at 7:30 PM EST, where Zagunis will represent Team USA at the front of the line.

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 by Michael Rodio

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