Matthias Farley: Weird off the Field, Wow on it

Gregg Doyel | August 7, 2017


INDIANAPOLIS – Already Matthias Farley has told me what it sounds like when he plays his kazoo, and shown me what it looks like when he dumps the dead birds out of his pocket.

Now the Indianapolis Colts safety is demonstrating for me what it feels like to be a professional football player, to be placed into the same generic box as others in the NFL. Here he is, crammed inside a box, his hands bumping into walls only he can see. But now he’s taking one step to his right, just a small step, and leaving his other foot where it was.

“I just think I live like this,” Farley says, gesturing at one foot outside the box, one foot inside it. “Part of me is a little bit outside the box.”

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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