"Measure for Measure" at Notre Dame


BWW News Desk | September 22, 2017

William Shakespeare's Measure for Measure will be performed by the renowned five-member British touring group, Actors From The London Stage (AFTLS) October 4, 5, and 6 at Notre Dame's Washington Hall.

Founded by Homer "Murph" Swander, Sir Patrick Stewart, and members of the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1975, AFTLS has been visiting university campuses for week-long residencies ever since.

"We are excited to bring our audiences a rare opportunity to experience one of Shakespeare's most unique comedies, Measure for Measure," says Scott Jackson, executive director of Shakespeare at Notre Dame. He adds, "Now more than ever the play's themes of corrupted power masquerading as religious devotion and intolerance replacing benevolent rule strike a particularly resonant chord in our current socio-political landscape."

In Measure, the Duke of Vienna, mysteriously and without explaining his reasons, announces he will leave his city, appointing Angelo as his deputy. Order in the city has suffered from years of lax enforcement of the laws. Angelo, zealous and strict, is the ideal person to reassert the rule of law. Staying and disguising himself as a friar, the duke watches what happens.

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