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Deanna McCool | December 19, 2017

Physics professors Michael Wiescher and Dan Robertson both received a Media Legends Award from the Office of Media Relations for their work with the press that spotlighted academic excellence at the University of Notre Dame.

Wiescher, the Freimann Professor of Nuclear Physics, and Robertson, an assistant research professor, received their awards during the annual Notre Dame Media Legends Awards Ceremony. They garnered significant media attention with their work on the Compact Accelerator System for Performing Astrophysical Research (CASPAR). CASPAR allows researchers to simulate nuclear fusion processes responsible for energy generation and elemental production in stars, which will provide a greater understanding of how the elements have been created in the universe. Located at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) in Lead, S.D., CASPAR is one of only two underground low-energy particle accelerators in the world. The other is located in Italy.

CASPAR was featured in Wired and Scientific American magazines. “Of course the first priority is to get our work out into the public eye and tell our story, but with the help of the University and its networks, it has been amazing to be able to reach out to such well-known publications,” Robertson said. “Being able to reach such a wide and interested audience has generated considerable interest in our work, and I hope helps the general public as a whole understand some of the crazy and yet amazing things we are trying to understand.

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