ND Hosts National Curling Championship

Adam Derengowski | April 29, 2017


Curling is not a sport you see every day. In fact, most only see it every four years.

It's a sport of skill and strategy--think shuffleboard only on ice and with giant rocks. Two teams with four players take turns sliding large, polished granite stones across the ice towards a circular target marked on the ice, and for some reason, it fascinates everyone during the Winter Olympics.

"It is something that every four years that there is a lot of interest but you don't really get the chance to get immersed in the sport and really understand it." said Dean Palmer, one of the five founding members of the South Bend Regional Curling Club.

While most people only dedicate their attention to curling once every four years, the sport is starting to gain some traction. Visit South Bend and Notre Dame partnered to host the 2017 Men's and Women's Arena Curling National Championships at the Compton Family Ice Arena.

The event features 34 club teams from all over the country who are used to battling for ice time at their local hockey rinks as opposed to playing in facilities specifically designed for curling.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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