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Notre Dame Law School | October 12, 2020

In an exciting new development for Notre Dame Law School’s Global Lawyering Initiative, Joseph A. Matson Dean and Professor of Law G. Marcus Cole has announced a new summer program for law students — the Hamburg Honor Scholars Program — and an associated partnership with Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, Germany.

“Bucerius Law School, the first private law school in Germany, is widely recognized as the very best law school in Germany, and among the best law schools in the world,” Dean Cole said. “Students in Germany choose to pay tuition at Bucerius rather than attend other universities for free, largely out of recognition of the expanded opportunities afforded by the elite training at Bucerius.”

Cole started teaching at Bucerius as a visiting professor in 2006, and has done so repeatedly for several years. “The students and faculty at Bucerius will provide our own students — both our Hamburg Honor Scholars as well as our students who host Bucerius students here at Notre Dame — with a first-class learning experience. Our Notre Dame Law research faculty will have a unique opportunity to collaborate with Europe’s brightest legal talent on key issues common to our linked societies, cultures, and economies. I am delighted that Notre Dame Law School will be able to forge this partnership with a top peer institution.”

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