ND Lax in Chicago

A Look Back at ND Lax in Chicago

Ryan Mix ('14) - Oct 23, 2012, 4:08 PM EDT

Ryan Mix is a junior attackman on the Notre Dame lacrosse team. He will be blogging for UNDerground throughout the year, giving fans an inside look at Irish lax and the Notre Dame experience.

Dear sports fans, every year at Notre Dame we strive to provide the world with an entertaining, interesting, and informative blog following our team from the fall to the season, including all of the adventures we have on the way. This year, the reigns of blogging have followed the “Irish tradition” of being passed down to the next crease attackman. It began with the legend, Ryan Hoff, whose most popular works have been published in Crease Attackmen Quarterly, as well as I Have No Idea How He Scored That Magazine. The blog then went into the hands of Nick “box fake to walk the dog to skinny to low to high rip” Beattie. I realize the futility of trying to live up to the integrity of these bloggers, but alas, I will do my best.

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