ND Ranks Among Most Beautiful Campuses

Donnetta McClellan | July 21, 2017

Grotto Spring

With a crew of approximately 45 employees strong, Landscape Services maintains more than 1,250 acres of campus property by using several sustainable practices and plantings.  While they do spend a fair amount of time keeping the lawns treated and trimmed, they also have the responsibility of landscaping new and re-landscaping existing buildings on campus, all while keeping sustainability in mind. 

Several of those landscape projects on campus incorporate native plantings.  The landscaping around the Compton Family Ice Arena and the new Harris Family Track & Field is a beautiful example of native plant landscaping.  Native plantings adapt to the local climate, soil types, and animals better than non-native plantings.  Native plants have also developed a natural defense against diseases and pests, which helps reduce maintenance costs and requires less pesticide use.  The surrounding landscape of Stinson-Remick also contains all-native plants and supports a rain garden that collects storm water runoff and allows it to percolate slowly into the ground.  The Geddes Hall landscape design includes a high-tech irrigation system, reducing irrigation water consumption by 58 percent.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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