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Ciara Hopkinson | December 8, 2017

Last week, the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival announced the lineup for its 2018 season. The festival will feature the professional company’s performances of “Othello” and the touring company’s performances of “The Merchant of Venice.” The festival also includes Shakespeare After Hours, an adults-only evening performance, and ShakeScenes, an all-ages performance, both of which are comprised of scenes from various plays. Grant Mudge, artistic director of the festival, said this coming season’s plays center on Shakespeare’s perspective on “the excluded, the outsider or the stranger in our midst.”

“That allows us to take a look at race, immigration and religion,” Mudge said. “And when you’re talking about looking at religion, you’re definitely going to have “The Merchant of Venice” and obviously we can’t really look at Shakespeare’s treatment of race and not have “Othello” on the stage.”

Part of the mission of Shakespeare at Notre Dame, the larger organization of which the Shakespeare Festival is a part, is to foster conversation in on both a local and global scale about Shakespeare’s continued applicability today.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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