ND students travel to Puerto Rico

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Brandi Wampler | August 28, 2020

When the Energy Studies Minor launched at the University of Notre Dame in 2011, it was intended to provide students with a holistic picture of renewable energy. Those in STEM were encouraged to take courses that explored aspects of renewable energy that went beyond technology, while non-STEM students were to study both the technical and non-technical sides of the program. As the program evolved, the Energy Studies Minor began offering more individualized curriculum pathways, focused on incorporating all facets – technological, economic, and political – that impact the implementation of a greener energy landscape.

To further showcase the challenges and potential of renewable energy, ND Energy introduced a new one-credit seminar course in 2019, Puerto Rico: Road Map to a Renewable Future. The goal of this course was to offer Notre Dame students an immersive experience that showed how various complexities impact the implementation of renewable energy in the real world.

Before joining the course, few students had experience with renewable energy outside of the classroom. The course allowed 12 Notre Dame students to spend a week in Puerto Rico to learn first-hand how solar energy and renewable microgrids could become a part of the island’s recovery from Hurricane Maria.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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