NDI virtual panel on domestic violence

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Colleen Wilcox | October 9, 2020

Notre Dame International (NDI) is hosting a virtual panel on domestic violence through the perspectives of experts from India, Mexico and the United States. The Oct. 16 event titled “Domestic Violence: Empowerment and Community Intervention” is part of NDI’s global roundtable series focusing on global challenges during the pandemic and beyond.

With indicators that all types of violence against women, particularly domestic violence, have increased and intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic, the United Nations has called this a “shadow pandemic.”

“The worldwide increase in domestic violence during the pandemic is a profound further reflection of this tragedy in human relationships,” says Geraldine Meehan, director of faculty engagement at NDI. “It is hoped that through the collective expertise and empathic humanity of our international panel, we will come to appreciate the power of community intervention, recognize the possibility for personal agency of victims/survivors, and aspire for change."

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