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Daily Domer Staff | Feb. 22, 2013 | School of Architecture

Samir Younes architecture professor

Samir Younés, associate professor in the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, has published two new books, Architects and Mimetic Rivalry (Papadakis, 2012), and The Imperfect City: On Architectural Judgment (Ashgate, 2012).

“If architectural judgment were a city, a city of ideas and forms, then it is a very imperfect city,” writes Professor Younés in The Imperfect City. When architects judge the success or failure of a building, the range of criteria that can be used for this evaluation causes many contentious and discordant arguments.

The contributors to Architects and Mimetic Rivalry, edited by Professor Younés, argue that architectural identities are shaped by imitating preferred architectural forms—and by imitating the identities of their creators. The term “mimetic rivalry,” coined by Girard, occurs as a result of competition for what is commonly shared and desired.

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