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Josh Flynt '11 | Jan. 13, 2013 | In the Paint

Women's Basketball 2012-2013

In October, we launched two new blogs – In The Paint and Courtside – one for each of the Notre Dame basketball teams. After a couple months, we decided it’s best to combine the pages into one, much like the soccer blog, Irish United, that debuted this past summer. 

While there are some differences in the teams’ audiences, at the end of the day, basketball is basketball, and we decided it is more efficient for our student writers, and more effective for the total Irish fan to have all the hoops content in one convenient place.

From this point forward, new basketball posts for both teams will be found here on the In The Paint blog at If you would like to only see content for one of the two teams, you can still choose from the categories on the right side of the page.

Read more at In the Paint, the Notre Dame Basketball blog

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