New Pilgrims Join the ND Trail


Maria Catanzarite | August 23, 2017

The pilgrims prayed and walked in the rain to start Day 9 of the Notre Dame Trail – a 320-mile trip across Indiana commemorating the journey of Father Sorin (he founded the University 175 years ago). Close to 100 new faces joined the core group of 32 for a five-day pilgrimage.

“Rain is like confetti from heaven!” commented John Singleton, one of the new pilgrims.

Singleton, a resident of Arnold, Md., said he is walking because his family loves Notre Dame, as his son is a senior.

“It means to remember Father Sorin and the hardships the Holy Cross priests faced when they crossed the country and established Notre Dame and established one of the greatest Catholic institutions in the country,” Singleton explained.

For alum Nylce Prada Myers, of Minneapolis, the Trail is an opportunity to train for the Appalachian Trail – an item on her bucket list – but it presents many miles to pray for three loved ones in the company of others.

“It’s community, and it’s just a feeling, ‘This is way bigger than any single one of us,’” said Prada Myers. “Yeah, my steps today, they’re my steps, but in my heart, I have an intention for who I am walking for today and what these steps mean. All of us, who are doing this, have the same thing.”

Rachel Gustafson said she wanted to spend more time with her father, Tom, who is one of the pilgrims participating in the entire 13-day pilgrimage.

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