Nicole Sganga


Joanna Byrne | September 4, 2019 

Nicole Sganga ’15 spent the summer of 2013 camped outside St Mary’s hospital in Paddington London, waiting for Kate Middleton and Prince William to make an appearance with Prince George, the first royal baby in almost 30 years. She was not there waving flags with the royalist crowd. Instead, she was part of a huge media circus reporting for CBS news as part of an internship funded by Notre Dame. 

“It was my first real experience working at a network and having this crazy opportunity,“ reflects Sganga. “It was entirely funded by the University of Notre Dame, and I’m immensely grateful for that.”

Sganga recently finished her masters in international human rights law from Oxford, which she completed while working as a political reporter for CBS news. She doesn’t have a long time to celebrate however, as she’s jumping straight into her new role as one of the 2020 presidential campaign reporters. She counts her time in London, both during her summer internship and her semester abroad, as influential in making her a better reporter and a more empathetic person. 

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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