Notre Dame Graduate School

Aaron Bell | July 19, 2017

The 2017 Association of Leadership Educators Conference has recognized The 
University of Notre Dame Graduate School’s Ethical Leaders in STEM program with the Distinguished Innovative Practice Award for its unique leadership training model for future leaders in STEM fields.

Research shows that the cultivation of ethical workplace cultures is dependent upon leadership and Notre Dame’s Ethical Leaders in STEM (EL-STEM) program is built upon that foundation. The year long, NSF-funded EL-STEM program combines workshops, small-group and individual mentorship as well as a practicum experience for sixteen 3rd and 4th year STEM Ph.D. students designed to help graduate students gain a better understanding of themselves, others, and the organizations in which they serve.

The Notre Dame Graduate School model embodies a hybrid form of experiential, active and focused training. This involves role-playing and hands-on experience as opposed to the more typical passive approach of conveying core norms, principles, regulations and rules for governing the practice of research for graduate students.

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 by Daily Domer Staff