Notre Dame's Physics Breakthroughs

Gene Stowe | Dec. 14, 2012 | Notre Dame Newswire

Higgs BosonAn illustration of the Higgs Boson, courtesy CMS/CERN

University of Notre Dame researchers were involved in two of the Top Ten Breakthroughs of 2012 announced today by Physics World magazine. The Higgs-like boson discovery was No. 1 on the list, and the BaBar experiment, the first direct observation of time reversal violation, was No. 3.

Professor of physics Colin Jessop, Research Assistant Professor Nancy Marinelli, and graduate students Doug Berry and Ted Kolberg contributed to the Higgs-like discovery at CERN earlier this year.

Jessop, Professor of Physics John LoSecco, postdoctoral associate Wenfeng Wang and graduate student Kyle Knoepfel were on the BaBar team that published “Observation of Time-Reversal Violation in the B0 Meson System” in Physical Review Letters last month.


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