Our Air-Conditioned Summer

James Urichek '12 | Jan. 19, 2014 | Notre Dame Magazine

It was on a hot, muggy, August afternoon that we found it. My friend Spencer and I were exploring a stretch of the stream that ran behind my house, under an overpass, and down through a residential neighborhood. There was a half-mile or so of water shielded from the properties in front of it by trees, which over the years had carved out a rather expansive riverbank. This was our domain. I knew every nook and cranny the stream made as it wound its way through the dirt as though a map of it was etched onto the back of my hand.

Nothing entered our kingdom without our knowledge, so when we found a large hunk of metal lying in the water one day we were understandably curious. Sunlight glinted off the side through one of the few areas where the overhanging trees permitted it to gaze in upon our revelry. There were words on the large cube, spelling out “Lennox” in block letters on one side and “Quality Home Air Conditioning” on the other.

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