OZZI Containers Reducing Campus Waste


Molly Moran | June 24, 2019

Campus Dining is excited to announce an innovative reusable container program, OZZI, that will aid in reducing the University’s landfill waste. The program was piloted last semester at North Dining Hall Marketplace and will be implemented in Café de Grasta and Decio Café on July 1st.

Guests simply rent a container for $2, or 3 containers for $5. After carrying out a meal, they return the container in exchange for a token to be used for their next rental. Virtual tokens programmed to the Irish1Card will be available soon. Campus Dining will maintain these containers and replenish them at each location. The rental term for containers is one year and will be reset at the beginning of Notre Dame’s fiscal year.

Until July 15, guests may use either an OZZI or disposable container. If, after July 15, guests choose not to use the OZZI system, disposable containers will still be available to purchase for 50 cents. Since Campus Dining is removing the cost of containers from their purchase prices, there will be no price increases this year.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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