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Nora Kenney | December 27, 2018

The Graduate School at the University of Notre Dame recently received the first wave of findings from its involvement in the PhD Career Pathways Project facilitated by the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS). The project, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the National Science Foundation, surveys current and former doctoral students over a period of three years to identify patterns in postdoctoral career paths. 

The study canvasses doctoral students and alumni from all four of the Graduate School’s four major divisions (humanities, science, social science, and engineering). The first wave of findings was just released by CGS, focusing on responses from humanities alumni who graduated from Notre Dame three years, eight years, and fifteen years ago.  

Laura Carlson, vice president, associate provost, and dean of the Graduate School traveled to Washington D.C. earlier this month to share Notre Dame’s findings with fellow principal investigators from the 65 other institutions participating in the study. At the meeting, she discussed the communication strategy that Notre Dame will adopt, publishing infographics in lockstep with the CGS press releases that profile the Notre Dame data juxtaposed with the national trends from the CGS data. This approach leverages the national attention given to the project in the media, and enables benchmarking against peers.

“It’s important that we share findings from the Career Pathways Project with key partners here at Notre Dame, who can use the data to enhance professional development and career preparation tactics,” Carlson said. “The Notre Dame data, especially in comparison to the national trends, offer invaluable insight into what our graduate students find valuable in their training.”

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