Powerlifting like a lady

Jessica Peyton Roberts '08 | Jan. 29, 2014 | Notre Dame Magazine

How is it that a young woman who used to walk five miles roundtrip to campus to avoid sitting on a dirty Boston bus found herself participating in a sport where competitors cover themselves liberally with chalk, baby powder and toaster pastry crumbs to make their lifts?

After training for nine months, I made my powerlifting debut at the June 2013 World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters’ national championship. I heard my coach’s voice in my head, “The minute you think you can’t do it, you’ve already failed the lift.”

After shoving my fourth Pop-Tart of the day in my mouth, I carefully ran the chalk over my palms one last time before going out to the podium and using each of my 109 pounds to deadlift 200 on the bar. Making that lift won me a trophy, but, more importantly, it allowed me to redefine myself as something I never thought I could be: an athletic woman.

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