President's Annual Address

9 26 18 Editor Jenkins

University of Notre Dame | September 26, 2018 

Apparent to any campus visitor is the construction, as cranes, steel frames of buildings, front loaders, and laborers in hard hats seem pervasive. Not so apparent, but perhaps even more significant, are the many initiatives underway to enhance education, inquiry, and governance at Notre Dame. The laborers for these initiatives, so central to the life of the University, are primarily you, the faculty.

Among these are:

  • The Core Curriculum Review Committee, followed by the Core Curriculum Implementation Committee, who have put in place, beginning this semester, the most extensive revision of the University’s core curriculum in 50 years. For that curriculum, faculty have developed new courses which are being taught now.
  • The new core curriculum gives students increased flexibility, allowing them to fulfill its requirements over four years and to begin some more advanced coursework in their intended area of study in their first year. Because such flexibility puts the onus on students to make significant decisions about their course of study, academic advising becomes even more important. The ad hoc Committee on Academic Advising reviewed advising across the University and made recommendations for very significant changes regarding the structure, administration and oversight of undergraduate academic advising.
  • The required decennial review of the University’s Academic Articles was led by a faculty committee chaired by Michael Desch and Mark McKenna. It has recommended a number of significant clarifications and improvements. The Academic Council will review and vote on these recommendations, and they will then go to me, as President, and then to the Board of Trustees for final approval.

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