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Jeff Burks | May 23, 2018

It’s an odd approach, I’ll admit.

Of all of the business majors, there would seem to be none more temporal and mechanistic than accounting. Guided by a body of standards, accountants measure an activity after they distill its economic substance. And teaching accounting involves making sure our students understand the measurements, economics and standards. My course throws data analytics into the mix. Numbers are flying everywhere.

Where is God in that?

Here’s another way to look at it.

Statistics, which underlies my data analytics course, is based on the premise that there is order in the world that can help us distinguish patterns from random chance. I believe this order is a reflection of something called the Divine Logos, which in the Christian tradition means the Word of God, or the mind of God, that sustains Creation and makes it intelligible or able to be studied. For Christians, the Divine Logos is not a cold type of clockwork. It is radically personal and relational, because John’s Gospel tells us that Jesus Christ himself is the “Logos [Word] made flesh.” “All things came to be through him” and he “made his dwelling among us.”

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