Q&A with Men's Soccer Head Coach Chad Riley

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Notre Dame Athletics | August 12, 2018 

The upcoming 2018 soccer season is upon us, as the Notre Dame men’s team starts practice this week. With the arrival of the new year comes a new head coach in Chad Riley, a former Irish standout in the early 2000s. Fighting Irish Media caught up with Riley for a Q&A before the start of the season.

What is your ideal formation?

“I think it’s always going to be based on the personnel. The first thing a coach does in soccer is get a team comfortable without the ball, so a lot of that will dictate defensive shape. We are generally a team that will play four at the back and then a variation of midfields, which then entails how many strikers you play with. Over the last few years at Dartmouth it has been some version of a 4-3-3.” 

How would you characterize the style you would like your teams to have?

“I think we want to be energetic. We are always going to have 18- to 22-year-old players so they should have a lot of energy.

“We want to be purposeful. Whatever we are doing we need to understand why we are doing that tactic. While it is great to control the game with the ball we want to always have a purpose behind our play with the ball so it is not just passes to rack up passing statistics. It is how are we able to create quality chances.

“I also want our team to be passionate. Having passion will be a big part of how we play. It is a game so we should have some passion in playing it and it makes it fun to watch. Energetic, purposeful and passion are the words we use with how our team will compete.”

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