Dinner at the re-imagined Rohr’s

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Natalie Davis Miller | September 29, 2020

If you are looking for a break from the ordinary dinner, then the re-imagined Rohr’s is that break. My husband Greg and I visited in August, our first time eating in any restaurant since March. The visit did not disappoint. At the time of our visit, seating was available inside the restaurant. Currently, seating is available on the Wind Family Fireside Terrace only, but allow me to take you inside where I became acquainted with the new Rohr’s.

Your dining experience begins from the moment you walk into Rohr’s. The interior space has been completely renovated, and if it’s possible for a space to be both airy and cozy at the same time, Rohr’s has achieved it. The rich dark woods and comfortable leather seating throughout are inviting, while the floor-to-ceiling windows to the outside terrace and to the inn itself bring in an abundance of warm light.

I felt comfortable at our table, as there were no other patrons seated near us. Thanks to physical distancing precautions, occupancy was reduced to 75 percent, allowing us to have some breathing room to enjoy our meal.

Our server, Edward Nolan, fielded questions about items on the menu. His answers went beyond general knowledge of the item to the backstory, as if he was sharing a secret that only we would have the good fortune of knowing.

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