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Carrie Gates | Dec. 19, 2013 | Notre Dame College of Arts and Letters

Thomas Tweed

Thomas Tweed, the W. Harold and Martha Welch Professor of American Studies in Notre Dame’s College of Arts and Letters, has been selected to lead the American Academy of Religion. Currently president-elect of the academy, he will serve as president in 2015.

Tweed is a faculty fellow in the University’s Institute for Latino Studies and Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies. He also holds a concurrent appointment in the Department of History.

“It is a deep honor to lead the academy,” he says, “because it is the largest organization for scholars of religion in the world, with almost 10,000 members.

“And, as I see it, it’s a service to the membership—to help think through how we can best teach and research religion and what service to our communities and our universities means for us now.”

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