Rescuing Monastic Frescoes

August 24, 2014

Krupali Krusche Tibet Fresco Feature

A message from Professor Krupali Krusche:

Greetings from Nepal! Over the last one month I have been traveling a very tough and dangerous terrain to reach some of the highly isolated Himalayan Mountains. Here lie some of the oldest Tibetan monasteries with antic frescos and paintings. I was with a team of Tulku Rimpoche (similar to Bishop status in catholic tradition), American health workers and monks whom I trained to work on these restorations and am presently creating an Eco friendly plan to help the isolated local community that goes through a lot of hardship to survive. With no hospital facilities, no warm water, no electricity and sanitation issues, such a plan would be of tremendous help to them.

Keep reading and see photos from her trip at the School of Architecture

 by Daily Domer Staff

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