Revisiting the Roman Forum

DHARMA Project | Apr. 15, 2014 | Notre Dame School of Architecture

Roman Forum - architecture

Launching in conjunction with the symposium, the first 3D exhibit on historic preservation in the Roman Forum, will be on display from April to September, 2014 in Rome, Italy. The aim of the exhibition, in the CURIA at the Roman Forum, is to provide architects, art historians, academics and the general public with a greater understanding of the development of architectural documentation at the Roman Forum in the last 100 years from 1905 to 2014, making evident the continuity in innovative technologies undertaken in Giacomo Boni’s 19th c. systematic excavation to today’s laser scans.

The exhibit will present the original, historic drawings and excavation notes of Giacomo Boni’s 19th c. documentation, from the Soprintendendenza’s archives, exhibited here for the very first time, alongside the scientific 3D high-definition DHARMA documentation, drawings and watercolors.

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