Rising from the Ashes

Arthur J. Hope, C.S.C. | Notre Dame - One Hundred Years

Main Building after fire

THE morning of April 23, 1879, was refreshing. There was sun enough to be pleasantly warm. And from the lake to the west, a slight breeze was blowing. And it was Wednesday, a free day for the students. Just a few days previous, Father Sorin had packed his bags for another trip to Europe. He would go by Montreal, and embark from New York some ten days later. He had made a point of informing the community that he disliked these frequent jaunts abroad. And on this lazy April day, so dangerously close to spring fever epidemic, the air was unexpectedly rent with the sudden, shrill cry that rose from voices of the Minims -- they were the first to see it -- "Fire, fire! The college is on fire!" It was eleven o'clock.

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