Rituals Sacrificed

Abigail Jorgensen ’16, ’18 M.A. | August 27, 2020

When people ask me what it was like to have a baby during a pandemic, I have an easy answer and a hard answer. 

The easy answer goes, “It was tough laboring and pushing in a mask. I’m grateful that the nurses let me take it off a lot.”

The hard answer is more complicated. It goes something like, “I feel like we had to skip parts.” 

I don’t mean skipping parts of labor and delivery. I was in labor from Wednesday morning until Sunday morning — believe me, I don’t feel robbed of any part of that experience. We’ve missed sharing the rituals around my pregnancy and our daughter’s infancy with our loved ones. 

Pursuing a sociology doctorate, I have become increasingly interested in events and rituals. Why are birthdays celebrated, especially when we are young? What does it mean when two people have a big party when they get married? Why does having a child prompt so many events and parties, even before the baby arrives?

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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